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Dental Aesthetic and smile disign in 3 dimensions

It is one specialty that aims to return aesthetic harmony and function. It can be due to dental absences or patient’s wishes to have a better look. We could define this field as the application of art and science designed to highlight the beauty of a smile. Our English speaking dentist in sitges will help you to find the beauty.


A beautiful smile

It is very important to know that we also try to cure the patient’s psychology. It has been shown in studies such as physical defects can constitute a psychic disease and clinically in the individual. Thanks to new materials and improved techniques this specialty has been modernized. Now we just not cure but we also return a nice smile. In overall, we must look at all every time, treatments for aesthetic purposes in terms of personal and subjective view of the patient, helping him to meet their expectations and desires.

The smile is one of the most important facial expressions that differentiates humans from other animals. It is used as part of the language, expressing joy happiness or pleasure. The smile can be analyzed by studying each of this components: lips, teeth and gums


The most common abnormalities are:

  • Dental asymmetries (dental crowding or very different from each other teeth).
  • Large diastemas (gaps between teeth, usually the two upper incisors).
  • Changes in color, stained teeth (either by medications, herbal or tobacco).
  • Cervical Caries (cavities in the area closest to the gum)
  • Dental fractures either by blows or bruxism (clenching strong).


What are the types of treatments available for these conditions?

  • Teeth Whitening: is one of the most common techniques.
  • Closing diastema and correction of dental asymmetries either orthodontics or veneers, we need an accurate study first. It is advisable not to do this type of work in small or young people that are still developing their teeth.
  • Restoration of decay and reconstruction of the fractures.
  • Uses of veneers for other purposes.