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¿What is an endodoncy? It is the specialty that deals with diagnosis and treatment of infections in the pulp conducts. The treatment involves removing all the nerve and disinfecting the conducts filled with a sealant to prevent reinfection. This treatment made by our dentist in sitges is performed when the cavity affects the nerve, for prosthetic purposes or fractures.


¿What treatments are we able to do?

  • Pulpotomy: partial removal of the pulp in infant dentition.
  • Pulpectomías: removing all the pulp in infant dentition.
  • Endodoncy: Removal of the entire pulp in adult dentition
  • Reendodoncy: endodontic retreatment.
  • Apical resection: removing a portion of the root tip, along with the infection.

Can the treatment fail?

The root canal treatment it is not 100% perfect. Although we are sure to remove all traces of infection, there is always the chance of reproduction of bacteria in the root canals. However before removing the teeth we usually retreat the conducts.





What is the recommendation after a root canal?

Come to our dentist in sitges, once the root canal is done and after a few days of recovery, a tooth protection is recommended. The protection is very important and is performed by a crown or inlay.