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  • Caries is the destruction due to tooth demineralisation caused by acids from the bacteria. The chemical destruction is associated with the intake of sugars and acids in both drinks and food. It has been found that a more acidic pH salivary influences in dental caries.
  • Types of Treatments:
    • Simple Reconstruction: remove decay that affects enamel and dentin in occasions. There may be some sensitivity to cold.
    • Endodontics: caries removal beyond dentin, affecting the nerve. Decay has inflamed the nerve and also affects the ligament. We must remove the nerve, disinfect and treat it so that it is sealed and prevents more bacteria passing.
    • Inlays and crowns: After a root canal we need to protect the tooth because is weaker since it has lost its main source of irrigation. This is why it is very important to place a crown or an inlay depending on the degree of tooth destruction.
    • Unfortunately sometimes we can’t save the tooth and the only solution is to extract it. When decay progresses under the bone level it can’t be rebuild.
    • Dental abscess: when we don’t treat the nerve and it remains like this for a long period of time, it occurs a tissue inflammation and the abscess appears. It is very difficult to remove the infection with root canal and curettage, for this reason; sometimes we must extract the tooth.

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