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Oral surgery and implantology


Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a specialty that includes the diagnosis and surgical treatment within the oral cavity, head and neck. Many complicated treatments are sent to hospitals but there are treatments that can be performed in our dental clinic sitges as:

  • Extraction of teeth in complex situations: those extractions that are complicated for the general dentist like extraction of some wisdom teeth, impacted teeth, teeth ankylosed to the bone …
  • Sinus lift: surgery where the sinus floor membrane rises and the bone is placed, either from the patient or bovine dehydrated bone. This treatment allows us to place implants in the upper middle area.
  • Periodontal Surgery: are all those surgeries that allow us to improve the periodontal status:
    • Flap access: surgery that allows deep cleaning under the gum.
    • Resection Surgery to create better access to clean both the dentist and the patient.
    • Bone and/or gum grafts: surgery that allows us to insert both bone and gum in areas where is needed.
    • gingivectomy: surgery which removes excess of gum or gingival enlargement.
    • Crown Lengthening: removing gum and bone to restore a tooth that has a cavity or an uncomplicated fracture.
  • Placement of implants: a biocompatible material is designed to replace the root of the missing tooth and maintain an acceptable level of bone, resulting in the replacement of a natural tooth. The implant surface can have different textures and coatings, commonly used to increase adhesion to bone.
  • Fenestrations for orthodontic traction: A surgical procedure that trys to move teeth into the correct position is performed with orthodontics in our Dental clinic sitges.

Dental clinic sitges

Dental clinic sitges