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Preventive dentistry

  • Fluoridation: delivering fluoride to the teeth topically to prevent caries. Toothpastes and gels are the most common.
    • Indications in patients of risk:
      • White Dots
      • Patients with moderate or high risk of developing caries
      • Active process of developing caries
      • Orthodontic treatment
      • Children in areas without fluoridated drinking water
      • tooth sensitivity
      • Protect the surface of the root
      • decreased salivary flow
      • institutionalized Patients


  • SEALING PITS AND FISSURES: cleaning those teeth with deep grooves and putting chemicals that act as a physical barrier preventing bacteria and food debris from entering and preventing tooth decay.
    • Indications:
      • Children with special needs, children with many cavities in their baby teeth, children with caries in their first adult molars.
      • Those molars and premolars with quite pronounced passages.
    • DENTAL HYGIENE: elimination of dental calculus, commonly called tartar, cleaning above the gum either ultrasound or with special dental instruments.


  • BRUSHING TECHNIQUES: dental hygiene method that allows to remove the bacteria to prevent tooth decay or gum disease. It is the job of the dentist and the dental hygienist to explain brushing techniques.
    • The most recommended technique is modified bass technique.
    • It is important to brush your teeth and tongue 3 times a day and supplement with dental floss.
    • Mouthwashes must be recommended by the professional.



best dental clinic sitges